Zac Halbert

Zac Halbert

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Hi there ūüĎč

I'm Zac, and thanks for visiting. Currently, I am the Head of Design at, where I'm part of a team designing tools for infrastructure engineers. LinkedIn is the best way to contact me if you want to reach out.

I have spent a major chunk of my career in startups as a founding designer, and in helping new ideas get off the ground. I've gravitated towards the chaotic energy of new organizations, even founding and selling a company of my own. My colleagues and teams usually describe me as friendly, easy to work with, and knowledgeable. I prefer to believe they're telling me the truth.

I have over 6 years experience managing design teams, and have mentored over 500 designers throughout my career (currently, I'm a top 1% mentor on ADPList). While I have worked on dozens of interesting projects, I am most proud of my work as a manager and mentor unlocking the talents of other designers.

I've been doing design in some form or another since I was a kid. I started building websites on GeoCities in the late 90s, and got completely hooked by the power and creativity of the early web. Ever since then, I've spent countless hours learning design and coding to make useful and beautiful things that live on the Internet.

When I'm not at work, I'm usually hanging out with my son (currently we are doing a lot of Legos and playing through Tears of the Kingdom), watching shows with my amazing girlfriend and our two cats, or soaking up all the indoor and outdoor activities that Portland, Oregon has to offer.

Zac looks at his new kitten Romulus and contemplates all the destruction this little creature will visit upon his home.Zac has just discovered there is a tulip festival in Oregon. He's not sure how he feels about it.Zac and his wonderful partner Amanda hiking through Forest Park in Portland, OregonZac, enjoying himself at Dolores Park with friends and thinking about the sushi he's about to eat.