I’m a digital product designer and entrepreneur, and I've recently been leading teams of product designers. I’ve been designing and coding things for the web since the early aughts, and I’m happiest when making a complex system more usable, elegant, and beautiful for the people who use it.

I’ve always tried to work on projects that enable users to do more with what they’ve got. For the past , I’ve been running the product design program at Tradecraft. Along with a team of other talented instructors, we have trained over 350 designers who now work all over the world in places like Google, Netflix, Tesla, Samsung and Facebook. We have good reviews. The rest of my work experience can be found on my Linkedin.


This site is set in Cormorant by Catharsis. The orrery above is built entirely with HTML & CSS, based on a CSS solar system by Julian Garnier. It uses real orbital data so the orbital periods are accurate (relative to each other). However, significant artistic license has been taken with the size and spacing of the planets. Pluto is included because #Pluto4Life. Turn it off with the button above if it offends you.